Nudo Sparkling Prosecco D.O.P.

Nudo Sparkling White Whine D.O.P.

I conceived this white wine as a wine of bold naturalness, revealing all of his uniqueness

Nudo is produced without the “protective dress” of added sulphites or other kind of preservatives. Glera grapes are carefully selected and left free to give off all the smells and flavours coming from the grape. In this way we obtain a nectar with a low sulphite content, only those naturally produced by the grapes during the alcoholic fermentation. Notes of pears and crab apples together with a distinct scent of bread crust, evolving in toasted hazelnut with the aging.
This wine has a strong personality and gets better over time, making people forget its Martinotti/Charmat method origin and getting close, year after year, to a classic method, concerning complexity and aromatic profile. Fine and delicate bubbles enrich it with an elegant perlage


Glera 100%


Nudo accompanies dishes from the starter to second courses based on rice, pasta, pizza, fish, shellfish, white meat and fresh and aged cheeses, with great versatility.
Enjoy it in large goblets from 8°C.

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