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Nono Pin

The Prosecco of grandfather Bortolo, called Pin, was the wine of the tradition. I repropose it cause its fruity notes and its frankness, give an immediate and timeless pleasantness.


Authentic, honest and generous: in this Prosecco there are the vocation of a territory and the inborn passion of father Cesare, that now is mine.


I wanted this white whine only with its bold naturalness and nothing else, in order to expose its authentic personality.


A silky and fine perlage and mellow fruity and floral notes, involve the senses with elegant persistence.

Sono Ribelle

I’m rebel, lively and aromatic, fresh and attractive. Only a plant anchored to the ground with deep roots, can shake in the wind its rebel crown.


This wine comes from grapes of resistant varieties, cultivated following the standards of the integrated farming. Try it clear, maintaining the bottle upright, or cloudy after having overturned it downwards.

8 8 18

This still wine comes from a resistant biotype of the variety “Friulano”, called Soreli. It is able to represent the grapes it comes from in a purer and more integral version.


I wanted a dessert wine from the area but playful, not too sweet and not too sapid, able to suggest a pleasure without repentance, precisely “giusto” (right).


Vineyards balanced by decades of history, provide an intense nectar in colour and personality, elegant with character, young with wisdom.

Alba 99

This wine tells of a fraternal bond that combines passion and talent, that turns the ability to feel into the art of doing and the general into the specific. Frankly essential.


This unique and ancient wine is dense and full bodied, fruity and gloomy, impenetrable like the human soul; creates emotions with permanent ink.


This wine represents a return to basics, through a long maceration with the skin, that gives it its amber colour and a pervasive, complex and persistent bouquet.


This meditation wine comes from the dried grapes of Almanegra. A dense nectar that unleashes intense notes of morello cherry, violet and exotic spices.

Essentia Almae

This distillate comes from the meeting between the distilling art of Master Capovilla and the grape marc of Almanegra. It is obtained through a long process called “bainmarie double distillation”.